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Camp Cut-the-Cord

Words by James Salem
Music by Jackson Payne Brothers

A pop-rock fueled musical comedy following four screen-obsessed teens sent to a technology detox camp in rural Virginia, touching on screen addiction, loneliness in the age of technology, and the healing power of friendship. ✂️🎮

After a violent outburst when her mom snips the power cord to her video game, Emily is sent to Camp Cut-the-Cord. There, she meets three other screen-addicted teens: Mack can’t stop watching “Will & Grace,” Laura needs to check her instagram at least every 8 minutes, and Spencer … The teens have to contend with rigid drill-sergeant head counselor Renee and perky deputy counselor Tanya, who each have their own secrets. Can they cut the cord and start living “irl,” or are they lost to their screens forever?

6 named characters (4f, 2m)

~100 minutes

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