Songs & videos

Selected songs and videos featuring my work can be found below. Contact me for more!

"Everything You Are" from "#Masc4Masc"

Music by Josh Ben-Ami, Lyrics by James Salem

Drum Arrangement by Elspeth Collard

Performers: Sean Eads, Nathan Fosbinder, Emily Goes, Erin Hoerchler, Alok Nadig, Nicole Tsarouhas, Enzo Veiga

Excerpt from "One Day" from "About Last Night"

Music & Lyrics by James Salem

Singers: Lydia Breckon, Elspeth Collard, Sean Eads, & James Salem

Accompanied by Lucy O'Brien-English

"How Mr. Muffin Tried to Take Over the World"

An adaptation of a story written by the students of Highland Park Elementary School in Austin, this video was created for the Paramount Story Wranglers.

Words, Music, and Video by James Salem

© 2020 James Salem