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Is This Art Now: A Musical Webseries

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Written as a means of finding joy in creating musical material again after the emergence of the novel coronavirus in 2020, and as a tangible form of art after theatres shut down for the foreseeable future, this meta musical webseries, filmed largely through Zoom, follows a group of friends who are trying to make a musical through Zoom while dealing with the realities of life in quarantine in a way that is humorous but also profound. 

Screenplay and lyrics co-written by Jessie Field and James Salem, with Music by Josh Ben-Ami, Lydia Breckon, Elspeth Collard, Sean Eads, Jared Field, Erin Hoerchler, James Salem, Joseph Salem, and Enzo Veiga. 

Seasons 1-3 available now on Youtube:


TYA: Work for The Paramount Story Wranglers

The Paramount Story Wranglers are a group of writers and performers, working with the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, to bring the words of elementary school students to life through a Literacy to Life program.  The Story Wranglers take stories written by elementary school students and transform them into stage shows or digital content. 

In 2020, the Story Wranglers moved fully online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and I was commissioned to help create digital content to bring the students' stories to life. With original music and some creative visuals, I worked to adapt stories written by the students into music videos.

You can see my work here. 


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