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A Totally Masculine Musical

Words by James Salem
Music by Josh Ben-Ami

Anthony meets the man of his glitter-filled dreams at a Halloween party 🎃, only to discover his new crush is only into masculine men 💪🏽 (something Anthony is not, henny 💅🏽). Meanwhile, Cathy auditions for a role that could be her big break only to be told that she is a “caramel oreo,” and "not latina enough," by the film’s director 🤦🏾‍♀️. Together, Anthony & Cathy set out to transform their identities to get what they want, starting them on a journey filled with hijinks, growth, and love! 🌈🦄💖

Featuring a pop-infused score with plenty of room for dance and spectacle, this piece is a bright, uplifting, and totally queer romantic musical comedy exploring themes of identity, discovering one’s true self, and whether love transcends all! 🌈

7 named characters (2f, 4m, 1nonbinary/noncis). 

Flexible Ensemble.

~100 Minutes

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